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The unknown world is worth visiting. The Democratic Republic of Congo formerly Zaire is the ultimate destination for an African adventure with absolutely some of the best adventures to ever take. The most enjoyable experiences that no tourists will ever forget within the ciuntry include travels to the Eastern side.

About Congo

The country is located in South Central Africa with a narrow strip of land on the northern bank of the Zaire River. It is bound by the Republic of Congo and the Atlantic Ocean to the west, Angola to the southwest, Zambia to the southeast, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda to the east, Sudan to the northeast and the Central African Republic to the north and northwest. Democratic republic of Congo is blesses with may natural and man made features some of which are not found anywhere else in the world , the most interesting  tourism activities that every traveler to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Gorilla Tourism

The Democratic Republic of Congo was the first country to embrace gorilla tourism. The Eastern part of the country hosts the Virunga National Park, Africa’s oldest protected area.

Today, Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the most popular gorilla tracking destinations in Africa with a good reason. Here you will experience a fine combination of primates and active volcanoes hikes known for its great rewarding natural beauty in Africa. The travel inland to Virunga National park jungle opens up gates of plenty primates, birds, exclusive views although easy access is through Rwanda. Lodges and hotels in Congo offer endless choices of local and international cuisines and after sunset campfire fires come to life offering comfortable peace in perfect location. It’s now to give Democratic Republic of Congo a keen eye while looking for amazing places worthy visiting in Africa. A lot waits to be discovered including the calm great culture of the Congolese famed for its warm hospitality and exotic tends. The stunning natural backdrops of Nyiragongo volcano can make visitors go through the day with a lot of destruction and occupancy especially those at their lodge after the day’s trek.With the endless list of beautiful national parks,islands, wildlife sanctuaries, chimpanzee homes, Virunga National park and KahuziBeiga National park are great and unique places one shouldn’t miss out while in Congo.

Explore the scenic mountain gorilla park Virunga with its Congo gorilla tracking tours, chimpanzee habituation and trek, hikes to active volcanoes of Nyiragongo as well Rwenzori mountain climbing. Primate adventurers and mountain climbers enjoy every minute spent in this park being the only place with the largest crater lake and live active volcanoes .Travelers to this park are ever convinced with the  plenty of beautiful attractions and rewarding magical experience that fill-up the park.There is plenty of birdlife and wildlife that appeal to true specialists of the Bird watching society making the park a unique bird watching destination. This natural park is ideal for relaxing and reconnecting with friends and loved ones due to its ultimate environment and surrounding. It’s a perfect opportunity this summer to immerse yourself in the Congolese culture, track mountain gorillas and also hike to the summit of Nyiragongo volcano. Very few travelers have been to Congo on a Congo gorilla tracking tour but with its natural beauty and values of a memorable destination am sure you will also love your experience so much that you even return. In the end you will always remember how truly beautiful Virunga is from the primates, wildlife, birds, accommodation, foods and the friendly people.

When it comes to other unique gorilla tracking destination in Democratic Republic of Congo, Kahuzi Biega national park comes next a home to Eastern lowland gorillas.With miles and miles of scenic travel, abundance of east low land gorillas and other primates and wildlife in the jungle forest ensure fun and happiness for everyone. Guests here like exploring the Mbayo plantations, research Centre and the fishing village for more fun moments at the park. If you track low land gorillas on your visit to Congo for the second time its feels like coming home. Many fail to choose among the best tour activities though keep saying all is great. Staying at Bukavu town is the best way to start the day after breakfast and packed lunch boxes in case the trek lasts. There are a number of lodges in the town though choice depends on one’s budget. After the day of joy and fun in kahuzi Biega National park, you’re bound to embark on the scenic drive back to Rwanda with a next chilling stop at Lake Kivu beach. In reality it’s a perfect place to taste the lovely islands that rank best in the list of Africa Islands. With sunshine year round, warm weather and water Kivu Lake is just the finest. You can see why Democratic Republic of Congo will leave you inspired for life.