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The wildlife diversity in this massif is just awesome and next to none on the continent of Africa partly due to its proximity to the rich Albertine region. According to a comprehensive survey about the wildlife diversity in this region in 2004, it was revealed that are 258 bird species including over 20 endemics and 4 threatened species. This was discovered after surveying a total of 123.50 km of reconnaissance trails in this region.

The highest number of endemics was recorded in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park while the lowest number was recorded in Volcanoes National Park. About 39 bird species were forest species, 57 were less specialized species, while 28 were forest visitors and the rest were non-forest species that occupy the other habitat types that occur in the Virunga massif. The highest number of species diversity was recorded in the area around Mount Sabyinyo while the least number of species was recorded south of Mount Karisimbi.