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Virunga National Park is located in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, within the Virunga Conservation Area and is a home to over 6 volcanoes that make up the massive Virunga Massif. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was gazzeted in 1925 (making it one of the first gazzeted Parks in Africa), mainly to conserve the critically endangered Mountain gorillas and covers an area of 7800 square kilometers. Wilderness hiking within the incredible Virunga National park leading to Mount Nyiragongo requires trailing through the dense tropical rainforests without established paths due to the fact that these are just looked for around in order to infiltrate through the Jungles and hiking lead to some of the magical active Volcanoes in Africa. When getting ready for this adventure activity, tourists have to travel with rain jackets, light waterproof hiking boots, garden gloves, light camping towel, hat and sunglasses, long trousers and long sleeved shirts

Nature walks mean you will transfer from one particular destination to another with an aim of indulging the mind, relaxing from the usual boring and noisy environment, to sight remarkable mammal, bird and tree species. Nature walks allow tourists to trail through various paths to sight several forms of nature such as birds. At Virunga National Park, tourists can go to the fascinating places such as the Gorilla Orphanage Center at Senkwekwe-located in Rumangabo next to the Park Headquarters where you will encounter four gorillas that were rescued from being trafficked by poachers who hunt them within the dense Forest Vegetation for exportation and wild game meat. These gorillas include Matabishi, Maisha, Ndakasi and Ndeze who are now fond of their habitat, relax, play and cooperate peacefully without consternation of any harm because they are protected and kept safely by the Park rangers who make certain that they are safe for tracking by tourists. Tourists can also participate in tracking the Chimpanzees at the dense forest of Tongo which had offered shelter to these habituated primates for tracking by tourists.

Nature Walks to Senkwekwe

Senkwekwe Gorilla Orphanage center is a place that homes Orphaned gorillas in Democratic Republic of Congo by giving them the vital care they need like the right medication provided by the gorilla doctors, cleaning their shelter, feeding and safety accorded to them by the Park rangers. Senkwekwe Gorilla Orphanage center is the only place in the whole world that takes care of Gorillas and the name Senkwekwe originated from the dominant Silverback who was called Senkwekwe, was murdered in 2007 with three other gorillas from the Rugendo family during conflicts with the rebels who occupied Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

There are currently four mountain gorillas within Senkwekwe and they include three females and one infant (Ndeze of about 6 years) who reconciles with her sister Ndakasi. It is of late that a young male mountain gorilla named Matabishi was found lonely outside Virunga National Park along the borders close to Bikenge after he was released from the Poachers who were afraid of their lives in case they were caught by the Park rangers. Matabishi was added to the Orphanage after 6 months of isolation and acclimatization. As of now, he has gained a lot of weight and is strong enough which made rangers to add him to the other thee gorillas. He grew to love and socialize with the other gorillas that he found at the center, which made him relaxed and jolly for he found a family where to belong.

Nature Walks for Chimpanzee Tracking.

The incredible Tongo Forest is an exceptional three year old Forest located on the top of the Lava flow from Mount Nyamulagira Volcano, in the North-western side of Rumangabo in Virunga National Park, and it is a home to a small population of Chimpanzees. This small dense Forest and the small hill are among the four outstanding hills of Tongo. When venturing for Chimpanzee tracking within Tongo Forest, trackers have to follow the following guidelines;

Maintain a distance of 7 meters from these Primates in order to prevent any likely contact with the Chimpanzees that would spread diseases/germs-these primates share at least 98.7% of their DNA with humans.

Do not eat or drink when close to the Chimpanzees

Dress up appropriately-avoid bright colored clothes especially red, yellow or Orange but instead wear brown or black clothes.

Carry a non-flash camera for taking photographs of these Chimpanzees because flash lights scare them away.

In conclusion, Virunga National Park is not only a destination for mountain gorilla trekking, but can also be visited for Nature walks that involve Nature walks for Chimpanzee tracking and nature walks to Senkwekwe Gorilla Orphanage center which is a home to some Gorillas rescued from poachers.