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Planning your trip to Virunga National Park? Virunga is a large park and many visitors just see a fraction of what it has to offer. However, proper planning will insure you maximize your time and see some of the most popular and amazing park features.

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  • Where is the Virunga National park?
  • How do I get there?
  • Where should I stay?  Accommodation listings in the park or outside?
  • What is there for me to see and do in Virunga National Park?
  • What should I bring, what clothing for the climate?
  • Are there maps and guides available?

Congo Travel Requirements

Situated in Central Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the densely populated destinations when it comes to primate species and breathtaking adventures. It is famous for its unique eastern lowland gorillas that are found in Kahuzi Biega National Park and Maiko National Park as well as the rare mountain gorillas that are only found in three countries and in DR Congo; they can be tracked in the Virunga National Park. If you are planning your trip to this stunning destination, there are some of the most important document that you must have to be allowed to cross its borders for primate or birding safaris and they include;

Yellow fever card       

A yellow fever card is one of the most vital documents that you need to cross any destination. This card can be got after taking check ups for the yellow fever illness through vaccination and it allows you to access the border areas of one state to another. After vaccination, you have to present a proof up on arrival at the border areas.


This is also very important document when it comes to traveling to new destinations not only in DRC but also across the world. It is a must to carry this travel documents as it allows travelers to get entry point easily compared to someone who may not have one. This document needed around the border areas, airports and other travel means.

National identity card

This refers to a valid document which is issued to each citizen of respective nation to allow them have access to other nearby nations. If you are planning to cross to new destination, you may need this document and you will not be inconvenienced.


This is also important for visitors on safari in African continent.  It is an approval on a passport indicating that he holder is authorized to enter leave or stay in that state for a given period of time. This should be valid for at least a longer period of time. Visas in the DRC come in various types some of them include the Congo tourist visa, business visa and many more.

You may also need emergency travel certificate which applies to all residents of East Africa. The other travel documents include the immigration departure or entry card and this can be got at the airports.

In conclusion, with above documents, we believe that you will have the best if you are planning for primate safari in DRC.