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There are three Silverbacks in the Munyaga Family – Mawazo, Kadogo and Kasole. Mawazo is the leader but the family retains the name of the original leader and the founder of the family – the absent Silverback Munyaga.

About the Munyaga Family

In 2007, before rebels drove the Rangers from the park, the Munyaga Family consisted of three Silverbacks, one blackback, and an adult female.

When the Rangers returned to the park in 2008 and caught up with the Munyaga Family – the last to be found – they were delighted to discover that Bilali, the only female in the group had had a baby.

Bilali had come to Munyaga from the Rugendo Family in 2004 and, after joining Munyaga, she had had two babies, but they both died in infancy. The other surprise for the Rangers was that Munyaga had gone.

It was clear to them that the Silverback Mawazo was now in charge. The family’s new leader has had an eventful life: he lived with Buhanga until 1997, then joined Karatega, then went back to Buhanga in 1998 and then, a month later, he joined the Munyaga Family.