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Mikeno Lodge

Mikeno Lodge

Mikeno Lodge

Mikeno Lodge



Mikeno Lodge is the only luxury accommodation in Virunga National Park. Despite its outstanding lodging facilities, visitors can also enjoy the hidden natural wonders around this accommodation facility. Mikeno Lodge is a spacious, luxurious and private facility that comes with the most wonderful valley views for visitors who get into the Virunga National Park for various reasons.


The Lodge is a one and half hour drive from Goma town and it provides large bungalows and incredible restaurant.


The Lodge and restaurants are situated around the forest and they provide wonderful views of the rift valley and Nyiragongo and Mikeno volcanoes. While at Mikeno, higher chances are that visitors encounter the best experiences especially during nature walks and community visit.

Things to Do at the Lodge

Nature walks and community visits are one way that visitors can perfectly explore in depth the hidden natural wonder that are in and a round Virunga national park.

Among other unique things for visitors’ discovery include; bird species, chimpanzees, blue monkeys, colobus monkeys and baboons. Mikeno Lodge is just more than decent lodging facilities and services but a place to explore the hidden wild creatures in Virunga National Park.

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