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Gato’s New Baby – Humba Family

Gato’s New Baby – Humba Family


A few days ago, I reported the birth of a baby in the Humba family, but at the time, I wasn’t certain about the identity of the mother. I can now tell you the mother is Gato. Another ranger, a HUGO (a community volunteer), and I located the Humba family in the Bizenge area of the Bukima sector. Gato is a very good mother and not without good reason – this is Gato’s fifth baby. Gato’s other offspring are solitary silverback Mukunda, blackback Mahindure who is still part of the family, and young Kanyarwunka and Kanyagara.

As you’ll remember from a previous post and can see from the picture below, Gato has a bad eye infection. She has had the infection for quite some time. We are concerned the infection is getting worse and that it might spread to her newborn. Dr. Eddy Syaluha will be coming check up on mother and baby as soon as he can.

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