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Re-launching Patrols in the Gorilla Sector of Virunga

Re-launching Patrols in the Gorilla Sector of Virunga


Rangers must re-enter the Gorilla Sector to assess the status of DRC’s Mountain Gorillas.

Rangers must be prepared to re-enter the Gorilla Sector in Virunga and re-start patrols to protect the Mountain Gorillas. Rebels took control of this 250km2 area on 6 September 2007 – and the plight of the gorillas remains unknown.

Rangers at the Bukima patrol post – they want to get back into the Gorilla Sector and do their job

The last census carried out by Diddy and Innocent showed 72 habituated Mountain Gorillas, including the Kabirizi family, the largest family in the sector with 30 members and ruled by a mighty Silverback. There are also an estimated 120 unhabituated gorillas in the area. So Virunga has 200 of the world’s 700 critically endangered Mountain Gorillas. It is imperative that the Rangers be allowed to do their job. Please support us!

Frederic and his fellow Rangers are experts at tracking mountain gorillas

There is a great deal of preparation that can be done by the Rangers so that when the time is right, they are ready to go. In DR Congo you have to seize the opportunities immediately; that is how it works in an operating environment that continues to see fighting and war between different groups and the army.

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