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The Missing Gorillas of Virunga

The Missing Gorillas of Virunga


Gorillas sometimes go missing. They may have been lured away by an unhabituated family. Or they may have been caught up in an interaction and simply got lost.

We continue to look for all missing gorillas, constantly keeping an eye out in case, just by chance, we happen to see them again.

Mountain Gorillas can go missing for a variety of reasons. But we try never to lose hope that we will find them again some day, somewhere.

This page aims to pay homage to those gorillas we must not forget:

Gasusa and Kangugo, siblings from the Kabirizi Family – these 2 gorillas were not seen between September 2007 and November 2008 when the Rangers had no access to the Gorilla Sector because of the war. Rangers however have yet to find these gorillas and have been unable to locate them, as of January 2009, despite over 20 visits to the Kabirizi Family.

Lesenjina – this adult female from the Kabirizi Family has not been seen by Rangers since June 2007 when Nsekuye was brutally murdered. We are gradually less and less hopeful that she will ever be seen again.

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