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Complete Guide to Virunga National Park

Welcome to the Virunga National Park Guide, a complete resource for visitors looking for information about the Virunga National Park, in Eastern Congo. This website is equipped with information, maps, guides, photos and links to some of the best resources to help you plan your trip to the Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Let this guide help you plan your adventure to one of these amazing places on planet earth. Find out the best things to do, must see attractions, where to stay including safari lodges and exclusive tips to guide you in planning a gorilla trek in the park. Would you like to explore the park on an organized tour? We have listed the best tour operators and travel agents to book with a gorilla safari to Congo.

About Virunga National Park

Virunga National Park is Africa’s oldest protected area and it is the second oldest in the world (after Yellowstone). The park was gazetted in 1925  by the Belgian Colonial government and took the name of Albert National Park, named after the King Albert who was by then the king of Belgium. After Congo attaining its independence, it ‘s name was changed to Virunga National Park. Occupying 1.2 million acres, Virunga National Park is rich in flora and fauna – home to 220 species of mammals and more than 700 bird species, the highest number of any protected area in Africa. This is one of the world’s most bio-diverse areas and it has been a UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site since 1979. Virunga National Park lies in the eastern mountains of the Congo, and it occupies some parts of the Virunga Mountains. The park extends northwards to the the Rwindi Plains, Lake Edward and the Rwenzori Mountains in the far north. It shares borders with the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, Mgahinga National Park and the Rwenzori Mountains National Park in Uganda.

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Things to See

Virunga National Park is internationally recognized for its great attractions and biological diversity. Though the park is most famous for hosting the endangered mountain gorillas, it is rich in wildlife. The reclusive endangered Okapi giraffe lives in the northern section of the park, the mountain gorillas in the south, the elephants occupy the eastern areas of the park and the chimpanzees in the South. The 7,800-square-kilometre park contains rare species of animals including the critically endangered mountain gorillas only found in three countries in the world. There are also other animals in the park like chimpanzee, elephants, leopard, monkeys, and many others as well as several bird species. Read More

Things to Do

Gorilla Trekking

Currently, Virunga National park is very conducive and safe for gorilla tracking tours, with the established security in the area and conservation of the Mountain Gorillas. There are six families of the mountain gorillas habituated for tourist visits.

Park Planner

Planning to take a tour to the Virunga National Park? The following quick links will get you started:

Getting Here – Where is the Virunga National Park?  How do I get there?
Accommodation – Where should I stay?  In the park or outside?
Attractions – What is there for me to see and do?
Parking for a Safari – What should I bring? What clothing for the climate?
Touring the Park – Guided Tours, Are there maps and guides available?

Travel Tips

Check out the latest news, tips and travel updates from the Virunga National Park in Eastern DR Congo.

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